Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Changes ...

You may notice a change in the weather i.e. the snowfall ... if you're interested, you can go here to start a blizzard on your own blog.

Date Night

April 9, 2010 ... Steve Carell + Tina Fey = HILARIOUS.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Music Monday

I decided to do this little post mostly just to talk about The Avett Brothers. I really, really like their music and this song, I and Love and You, is my current favorite.

I also really, really wish I could snag some tickets (argh darn ticketmaster) to their January 1, 2010 concert at Fox Theatre in Atlanta and find someone who enjoys them enough to go with me ... because going to their show would be an amazing start to the new year!!!

Leap Year

I know 2010 is still a few weeks away but seeing this movie trailer tonight has made me start counting down the days until January 8th when I can see the first awesome romantic comedy of the year!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

FREE Christmas Music on iTunes

photo via raggedyanne6982

Oh, how I wish my computer was not on the blink !!argh, grumble!! because for one week iTunes is providing a Holiday Sampler (a $20.31 value) for FREE!!! It features everyone from Sarah McLachlan, Mannheim Steamroller, Aretha Franklin, Weezer etc. So hurry up and check it out here!!

PS: Thanks for the heads up via Stephmodo

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Haven't Met You Yet

I absolutely adore this song/video it's so cute, Michael Buble is pretty cute too, plus it really does seem to fit my current status.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Parental Acceptance

The holidays are upon us, we have celebrated Thanksgiving and now Christmas is now just around the corner. During such times of celebration we tend to gather around that which is meaningful such as home, friends and family. However, with this gathering comes some inevitable awkwardness or frustration especially when it comes to family ... parents in particular.

photo via bobbonehead

The dynamics of a parent-child relationship are incredible and at times incredibly difficult. Often times the difficulties in this relationship are greater as the child becomes an adult. I have experienced this quite often and was even thinking on the matter just last week as my family prepared for Thanksgiving. Then I received my GOOP newsletter for the month and the topic was straight from my heart/mind : Parental Acceptance

I highly recommend taking a few moments to read the newsletter here and see if it doesn't help give you some insight on how to love and accept your parents just as they are ...