Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Song

I'm not usually a fan of country music, but lately some of it has been growing on me.  I still remember the first time I heard this song.  It was following a really special moment with the fella and he turned it up on the radio.  I found it cute but a tiny bit cheesy perhaps?  However, I liked hearing it at that time and after really listening a few times since then lol definitely not so cheesy anymore.  So, we both agreed recently that this will be "Our Song".

He And I

One of the biggest changes in my life this year has been this ...

It seemed to happen out of the blue, though in hindsight I really believe that God decided the time was right and I was finally ready.  I'm blessed because He knew exactly what I needed and even some things I didn't even realize I wanted!! I have done more learning and growing these past few months about everything ... myself, relationships, life etc.

I have learned that perfection doesn't exist and the most important things take work.  I know that movies, books, quotes etc. are just glimpses at small parts of love and definitely not the whole bigger picture.  I understand that communication, communication, communication is absolute key.  I see that men and women are of completely different outlooks, so sometime you have to stop and try on their perspective to understand them better.  I have learned that seeking advice from those who have many, many years of experience through both the good and bad and are still working at it today is usually best; but even then you still have to take that wisdom and figure out what works for you.  I know that you both have to be willing to give and take.  I am learning what LOVE really is and that way too often it is pigeon-holed as just a feeling ... it is so much greater than that because it is a daily choice, action, etc.

Honestly, there are too many words required to type.  I must say though it is one of the greatest adventures, and remember with every great adventure there are always both ups and downs to reach the great outcome :)

Monday, January 14, 2013


Hitting the pavement ... err treadmill rather.  I'm getting back into my morning running routine after way too long a break.

A REALLY Good Book

I have never been a big fan of romance novels ... except for the classics, such as the novels of Miss Jane Austen.  I'm a sucker for stories about love, courting and romance without today's common vulgarity.

So, I was very excited to learn about Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson.

Although, I was a bit hesitant about a period romance from a modern-day author and the quality of writing.  However, this was a REALLY good book and such a page-turner that I devoured the entire thing in a single day.  It is an interesting, clean love story that you will absolutely adore.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Finding pleasure in the simple things ... like receiving much-anticipated packages in the mail and books from my local library.


Capturing quiet moments of sheer cuteness.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Favorite Find

I spotted these at Big Lots (the spot for unique finds) recently and finally decided to purchase them.  I love the organic feel about them, lovely leaf shape and silver color of course.


Layla, she is my dearest friend and most loyal companion; she also finds it difficult to sit still for photos so you get this face.


No, I didn't raid the Lucky Charms box for these ... instead discovered a bag of these at a local shop and now they brighten up my cups of hot cocoa.

It's Back ...

The Season 3 of Downton Abbey premieres tonight on PBS, so check your local listings.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 GOALS

Find/Create a Job-Career ... the biggest challenge, but I would really love to at least try to have my work be something I love and a place I can be creative.

Move Out ... need a place of my own and would like to have that complete independence.

Costa Rica Trip ... go on a week long mission trip with WON in April.

Run a 5K ... this has been on the list for quite some time and this is the year.

365 Project ... a new photo everyday for the entire year.

Notes To My Future Husband ... being inspired by this, I would like to start jotting down little notes for the future Mr. to share with him someday.

The Color Run ... really want to participate in one of these, looks like so much fun!

Read @ Least 1 Book Per Month ... all year long.

Attempt Canning ... I usually plant a garden and really want to learn how to can the fruits of my labor.

Finish ALL Christmas Shopping Pre-December ... definitely doing this one and already got a head start by ordering my Christmas cards extra-early!

Express Personal Style - Enhance Wardrobe ... would definitely like to step it up from the typical jeans/tee outfit to reveal more of my own unique style.

A Mile A Day Challenge ... will join this lady and this one, by taking the challenge to run a mile a day from Christmas to New Year's.

UNPLUG ... unplug one day a week from the cell phone and computer because really they are not life essential.

PLUG-IN ... would like to find a church where I want to become a regular rather than a frequent drop-in and be more intentional about making time to read my Bible, do devotions etc.

Snail Mail ... really love receiving actual mail (becoming almost obsolete these days) and would like to make more of an effort toward sending mail to my family/friends too.

Artsy/Crafty/DIY ... being able to be creative is so important to me and love the feeling of accomplishment, so I want to tackle some projects (from a very long list) and hopefully share them on my blog.

Go Indoor Rock Climbing w/ Charity ... she is the awesome friend who jumped out of a plane with me in 2012 and we keep meaning to take a weekend to do this, determined to finally make it happen.

Visit : My West Coast Family, The GA Aquarium and USNWC ... finally!!!

And I'm always adding more whenever I complete a goal or get inspired to make more.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Daily Reminders of Awesomeness ... a peek at one of the two daily calendars given to me by a dear friend and this one reminds you of those AWESOME little things that tend to go unnoticed but can mean so much.  Today, it was all about when the bass kicks in during a song which totally applied to my ride home from work, while jamming to the latest Taylor Swift album.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I received my first seed catalog of the year today, which was SO exciting !!!  because I love spending cold winter nights poring over various plant descriptions while planning and day-dreaming of my spring/summer garden.

My 365 Project

I have decided for 2013 to attempt a 365 Project, which is a yearlong photo challenge based your theme of choice.  I'm choosing the theme "A Day In The Life" and will try my absolute best to take at least one photo of my daily life for the entire year.  I'm really excited for this challenge and the motivation to blog more too!
So, here goes ...


I went to breakfast with a large portion of my family on New Year's Day.  This was the outfit I created and just really loved how the neutral color combo turned out.