Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 GOALS

Find/Create a Job-Career ... the biggest challenge, but I would really love to at least try to have my work be something I love and a place I can be creative.

Move Out ... need a place of my own and would like to have that complete independence.

Costa Rica Trip ... go on a week long mission trip with WON in April.

Run a 5K ... this has been on the list for quite some time and this is the year.

365 Project ... a new photo everyday for the entire year.

Notes To My Future Husband ... being inspired by this, I would like to start jotting down little notes for the future Mr. to share with him someday.

The Color Run ... really want to participate in one of these, looks like so much fun!

Read @ Least 1 Book Per Month ... all year long.

Attempt Canning ... I usually plant a garden and really want to learn how to can the fruits of my labor.

Finish ALL Christmas Shopping Pre-December ... definitely doing this one and already got a head start by ordering my Christmas cards extra-early!

Express Personal Style - Enhance Wardrobe ... would definitely like to step it up from the typical jeans/tee outfit to reveal more of my own unique style.

A Mile A Day Challenge ... will join this lady and this one, by taking the challenge to run a mile a day from Christmas to New Year's.

UNPLUG ... unplug one day a week from the cell phone and computer because really they are not life essential.

PLUG-IN ... would like to find a church where I want to become a regular rather than a frequent drop-in and be more intentional about making time to read my Bible, do devotions etc.

Snail Mail ... really love receiving actual mail (becoming almost obsolete these days) and would like to make more of an effort toward sending mail to my family/friends too.

Artsy/Crafty/DIY ... being able to be creative is so important to me and love the feeling of accomplishment, so I want to tackle some projects (from a very long list) and hopefully share them on my blog.

Go Indoor Rock Climbing w/ Charity ... she is the awesome friend who jumped out of a plane with me in 2012 and we keep meaning to take a weekend to do this, determined to finally make it happen.

Visit : My West Coast Family, The GA Aquarium and USNWC ... finally!!!

And I'm always adding more whenever I complete a goal or get inspired to make more.

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