Saturday, January 30, 2010


The lovely couple for whom I often house sit went to Hawaii earlier this month and gifted me with these Mauna Loa Dark Chocolate Macadamias. Oh my goodness !! are these things so delicious that since opening the bag they've become my addiction.

Melody Gardot

I recently discovered Melody Gardot and her divine music; thanks to the bit CBS Sunday Morning did on her amazing story. Following an accident during college (she was hit by a car while riding her bicycle) Melody suffered some serious injuries including to her brain that seriously effected her speech, memory and left her hypersensitive to light/sound.
Once attempts to heal via therapy/drugs failed, she picked up music and slowly began to heal while finding her incredible voice.

You can learn more about her story here and visit her website here.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I really, really, really want this Knappa Pendant Lamp @ IKEA ... very modern and beautifully designed.
One would never guess it was such an awesome steal at only $30.00. I seriously want/need this thing!!

It Might Get Loud

I finally got around to renting this documentary (thank you redbox) and it was SO good! If you really love music, have any interest in the electric guitar or just like learning some of the history behind 3 rock legends; then this is a must-see movie.
I mean there is a "science" to getting the right sounds in music and those who understand that science, it is just amazing what they can do.

Also, I have to say that Jack White has some killer style and the movie has got me interested in his Raconteurs music too.


I know this commercial isn't really new but no matter how many times I watch, it still cracks me up ... love this kind of humor.

Vampire Weekend

I'm really digging the sound of this band. I might just have to purchase both their albums. If you want to check out the sound of their latest go here.

ps: my apologizes for the *ahem* language in this song, but man is it catchy :)

Going Postal

I really like to send snail-mail, especially when such a thing seems like a dying art in this technology obsessed age. So, I really LOVE a good stamp and was excited to check out all the new stamps for 2010. However, when I spotted these Abstract Expressionist stamps ... I am STOKED!!! They feature an amazing set of works from the likes of Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock etc.

I am planning to buy a pane to keep and another to use on extra special mail. If you want them for yourself be sure to mark your calendar for their March 11th release date.