Tuesday, June 4, 2013

He And I

One of the biggest changes in my life this year has been this ...

It seemed to happen out of the blue, though in hindsight I really believe that God decided the time was right and I was finally ready.  I'm blessed because He knew exactly what I needed and even some things I didn't even realize I wanted!! I have done more learning and growing these past few months about everything ... myself, relationships, life etc.

I have learned that perfection doesn't exist and the most important things take work.  I know that movies, books, quotes etc. are just glimpses at small parts of love and definitely not the whole bigger picture.  I understand that communication, communication, communication is absolute key.  I see that men and women are of completely different outlooks, so sometime you have to stop and try on their perspective to understand them better.  I have learned that seeking advice from those who have many, many years of experience through both the good and bad and are still working at it today is usually best; but even then you still have to take that wisdom and figure out what works for you.  I know that you both have to be willing to give and take.  I am learning what LOVE really is and that way too often it is pigeon-holed as just a feeling ... it is so much greater than that because it is a daily choice, action, etc.

Honestly, there are too many words required to type.  I must say though it is one of the greatest adventures, and remember with every great adventure there are always both ups and downs to reach the great outcome :)

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