Monday, July 6, 2009

25 Things About Me ...

I had braces for 3-4 years when younger
I can play some piano, from a few years of childhood lessons
I'm slightly ocd about my laundry and I hate fabric softener
I have 3 piercings (all in ears) and 1 tattoo (back of neck)
I've been to Africa 3 times
I made straight A's my first sem. of college w/ 18hrs
I really like to make lists
I love to be inspired ... music, film, photo, quote etc.
I have a blog that is updated fairly regularly
I know how to make and lay brick/block plus do some tile work
I have had 7 different jobs and never been fired
I lived in ATL for 6 months in 04/05
It's harder to gross me out after my travels and working with kids of all ages
I don't like horror movies or roller coasters
I have a "bucket list" that I'm usually adding to or marking off
I really want to tandem skydive but hoping to find someone to come with me
I love to travel and have an intense desire to live abroad for a year or more
I'm a bit of a foodie and have loved grocery/food stores since I was a kid
People sometimes assume I'm shy upon first meeting and shock them to find out I'm really talkative and loud
I'm a sucker for great art/design ... ads, photos, products, labels, blogs etc.
I think that depending on the tattoo(s) some on certain guys are hot :)
I usually don't like to talk on the phone, but slowly improving ... slowly
I enjoy hearing other people's stories about who they are, their lives etc.
I have a on/off bad habit of saying "sorry" too much; even done it when I bump into something
I love great conversations where you can talk about anything and everything with someone


Anonymous said...

I Love you Nut~Meg!!!! You are such a wonderful person! :) Reading this made me smile....

Megan said...

Awww thanks noel, love ya too and glad i made you smile